Dallas, Texas, USA
19 / 09 / 15 – 21 / 12 / 15

Left: Stretched Perm (2015); right: The Altarpiece (2015). Photo: Kevin Todora.  

Bicycle (2015), center; Stretched Perm (2015, right. Photo: Kevin Todora.

Stretched Perm (2015). Left: Bicycle (2015). Photo: Kevin Todora.

Stretched Perm (2015), background; Walk the Line (2015), foreground. Photo: Kevin Todora. 

"Walk the Line"
Nadia Kaabi-Linke presents six diverse projects that document current culture climates while simultaneously serving as a reminder of the past as omnipresent in the now. For Impunities, she worked with women and men affected by domestic violence. Using forensic techniques to cast impressions of their scars in glass, she creates physical manifestations of the pain they endured. For Bicycle, the artist documents the changing shadow of a bicycle over the span of a day as a critique of the highly masculine futurist art movement, which aimed to present the merger between modern technology and man. The Altarpiece, inspired by the history of WWII violence on the outside walls of a former bunker in Berlin, shines a spotlight on the brutal past of the city that is more and more wiped out by processes of gentrification. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a new installation and performance titled Walk the Line, dealing with the border separating Texas and Mexico.
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