A Negative With Black Hair On White Canvas, 2018

Printing ink and acrylic on paper on canvas, 79,5 × 79,5 × 3 cm | 31 1/4 × 31 1/4 × 1 1/8 in. © Photo: Lawrie Shabibi 2018

Several of Kaabi-Linke’s past works have used her hair or prints derived from it - female hair carrying a host of associations and ascriptions such as time, age, desire, beauty and elegance - altogether summed up in a rather masculine idea of femininity. On the other hand, “Negative of Black Hair on White Ground”, a printed monotype with acrylic uses hair in an abstract painting showing nothing but white-washed imprints of hair neutralised by any kind of narrative while formally referencing the black square of Malevich that was breaking the need for representation.

— Asma Al Shabibi

A Negative With Black Hair On White Canvas, 2018. Detail. © Photo: Lawrie Shabibi, 2018

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