Lisbon, Portugal
13 / 02 / 14 – 25 / 05 / 14

Auditorium: Small Criminal (2012) on stage. 

Gallery: No (2012). Two channel video-installation with sound. 4'19".

Nadia Kaabi-Linke is dealing with issues as emigration and war in her work. Her works make us reflect on the fact that the greatest violence is in what is neither filmed nor photographed, that which doesn't make the television news headlines or the front page of the press or appear on computer screens. lt makes us consider contemporary society's invisible mechanisms of control, from the cameras which watch over us in cities to mobile phones: we are being observed and listened to without knowing who is observing and listening to us.

Curator: Isabel Carlos
13 February to 25 May 2014
CAM - Temporary Exhibitions Gallery
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