Kolkata, West Bengal, India
09 / 03 / 15 – 30 / 04 / 15

Gallery: Rialto (2016), left; Salt and Sand (2016), right; and Color of Time – Seq'16 (2016), background. Photo: Vivian Sarky, 2016.

Salt and Sand (2016), foreground; Color of Time – Seq'16 (2016), background. Photo: Vivian Sarky, 2016.

Rialto (2016). Triptych with transfer prints. Ink and wax and acrylic on paper on canvas. 230 × 70 cm, 173 × 70 cm, 140 × 70 cm. Photo: Vivian Sarky, 2016.

Lost & Found marks a shift in Kaabi-Linke’s practice where she moves towards the act of print making from the act of an indexical, time-related mark making activity and explores cavities of time and space that reveal themselves through a tactile recording of surface impressions. Surface impressions, in Kaabi-Linke’s practice over the last decade, have had increasing relevance in revealing qualities and narratives lost in time. Her work casts new light upon her subjects of enquiry – usually things that don't necessarily seem to withhold information such as old wall surfaces, forensic studies on people’s skins amongst others – which in turn unravel themselves with new meaning.

Kolkata, West Bengal
February 2016
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